Supply Chain

Supplying product to fuel your clinical trials and commercial operations is often a rate limiting task for companies especially the small development company that is becoming commercial.  A robust supply chain organisation is critical to a company’s success.  This is especially true when the manufacturing is outsourced which in itself poses special challenges.

Calcott Consulting has extensive experience from the early R&D phase to supply pre-clinical toxicological studies all the way up to the commercial phase with products selling in the multi-billion dollar range.

Our expertise is broad and includes all of the following:

Supply Chain Logistics

  • Clinical manufacturing strategy and execution
  • Commercial operations strategy and management
  • Life cycle management for mature products
  • Supply chain management both internally and via contract manufacturing operations
  • Sourcing materials and services
  • Developing strategic relationships


  • Plant design, commissioning / start-up and validation
  • Technology transfer especially across multiple time zones and cultures
  • Facility / equipment / utility validation strategy
  • Effective training and certification programs


  • Process development and First to Human strategy
  • Process validation strategy, design and implementation
  • Process robustness from process development through commercial operations
  • Process optimization
  • Quality by Design strategy and implementation

Expert Witness

  • Expert witness in litigation related to technical aspects of the business.

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