Strategic Alliances

Calcott Consulting has developed strategic alliances with other consulting companies to better supply solutions to our customers. These alliances allow us to better meet your needs by leveraging a larger array of experienced professionals in many more disciplines. We have partnered with several consulting companies and are proud to be able to expand our services to include the following:

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance – we can provide auditing, system evaluation and system development including e-solutions.

Supply chain logistics – we can evaluate your supply chain methods and processes and offer solutions for improvement and re-engineering

Electronic system validation – we can evaluate or take on the validation of your computer based systems

Manufacturing development and validation – we can aid in developing your processes and validate equipment, utilities and facilities

Auditing suppliers and laboratories – with our team of auditors we can audit your suppliers or help you build a rugged program.

Calcott Consulting is looking forward to working with you to help in solving your challenges with one of our partners. Contact us to set up a time for us to develop a plan and to begin solving your problems.

Some of our partners include:

Newcastle Strategic Partners, LLC

Integrated Supply Chain Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry

Newcastle Strategic Partners assist companies in developing strategies designed to reduce cost and improve efficiencies with a focus on Strategic Sourcing, Clinical & Commercial Supply Chains, Global Transportation, Packaging, Shipping Validations, Regulatory and Customs Compliance, Brand Protection, Distribution, Systems Integration, e-Pedigree and Product Launches.

Global Quality Alliance

Global Quality Alliance is an association of highly qualified quality systems consultants serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, API, biochemical, dietary supplement, and medical device industries.