Government Affairs

As your small to mid-sized company grows and contemplates launching commercial products, governmental forces make a larger and larger impact on your path forward and your road to success.  It is critical to ensure you move from a reactive to a proactive to a anticipatory stance with these outside forces to maintain your freedom to operate.

The staff at Calcott Consulting has experience in taking small companies from the early reactive mode to the influencing state.

Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Representing companies at trade associations and in local and national venues, eg. BIO, Baybio etc.
  • Developing and implementing a long range strategy for the government affairs function to assure appropriate timing of implementations.
  • Development of strategy, implementation and establishment of robust government affairs functions using both internal and external resources.
  • Debriefing senior management on issues of importance and coordinating activities across your company.
  • Development and implementation of remediation strategies locally and nationally.

We can tailor programs to your needs and deliver a very cost effective program to meet your timetable.