Corporate Strategy

As small to mid-sized companies evolve, their needs for senior executives change.  Recruiting these senior executives, with broad experience, that will fit into your culture is both expensive and time consuming.  Recruiting the wrong person can be both costly and put unnecessary strain on your organization.

Likewise, with a transition from a small boutique R&D company into a more integrated, full functioning pharmaceutical company, there comes a need to develop enterprise wide systems, rather than point solutions, that will translate into corporate-wide electronic solutions.

Because Calcott Consulting staff has held positions at these high levels in both small to mid-sized  corporations, we can provide the temporary help to bridge your needs or augment your existing management in a variety of disciplines.  We have re-engineered business processes across corporations to take advantage of scale even with modest sized companies.  We routinely use transition to an electronic solution as a catalyst for change for these business processes.

These include :

  • Strategic long range planning and implementation
  • Portfolio management – analysis and prioritization
  • Resource management and prioritization
  • Outsourcing versus insourcing
  • Corporate wide systems, including learning management and training, documentation, records retention, continuous improvement
  • Business processes both classical systems and electronic solutions
  • Change management during both positive and negative growth and refocusing of business strategy
  • Due diligence and risk assessment for acquisitions and expansions
  • Expert witness in litigation related to technical aspects of the business.

We can tailor programs to your needs and deliver a very cost effective program to meet your timetable.