Corporate Compliance

As a small to mid sized company, with soon to be commercial products, there is a corporate need to develop and implement a strong corporate compliance program that goes beyond a simple Code of Conduct.  This may sound complex and costly but Calcott Consulting can help in developing a strategy that will take you into the next phases of your growth.  This can be accomplished simply, quickly, cost effectively and in a manner that does not distract you from your main business goals.  As your operations become more complex, you must also integrate governance and risk management into your business processes.  This may sound daunting but it need not be so.  We can do this because we have have done it before in similar coprorations.

Some of the key deliverables will be:

  • Robust compliance strategy across all aspects of the company with a play-book detailing all phases and activities with rationale
  • Corporate-wide Compliance Committee with engagement from all functional areas
  • Interfaces with the Board of Directors with timely interfaces to highlight the risks and remediation necessary
  • Roll-out for the corporate compliance function across the corporation
  • Fully inclusive Code of Conduct with clear communication, training and monitoring for effectiveness using both traditional and innovative techniques
  • Policy development, implementation and training
  • Anonymous reporting and issue resolution
  • Risk management methodology for disclosure reporting

We can tailor programs to your needs and deliver a very cost effective program to meet your timetable.