The second part to our survey on implementation of Guidances on Company QMS

July 3rd, 2017 by

In the first article dealing with our surveys, we concluded that not all of the guidances issued had been implemented completely.  Even when they had been implemented, the implementation did not take advantage of all the potential.  For instance many companies were reluctant to  not work on certain technical areas even though their risk analysis indicated that these same areas were relatively unimportant and had little impact on product quality and patient outcome.  And why was that?  Perhaps they did not believe their analysis.  Perhaps they were afraid of inspectors disagreeing.

The second article (Part 2 of the survey) showed that even though guidances had been implemented, the impact on some of the most troublesome elements of the QMS was not as effective as hoped.  Some if you find your company not gaining as much traction as hoped, you are not alone in struggling to become more effective.

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